Fix It Sticks Redefines Bicycle Tools.

Order Original Fix It Sticks Now or Pre-Order from our Replaceable Line Up

Yes, Fix It Sticks are that simple.
Chose from 1 of 3 incredibly useful tools
1. Original Fix It Sticks- Lightest weight, highest functioning bicycle multi tools available 
2. Fix It Sticks Replaceable Edition-Same design as the original, but more robust construction and allows the bits to be removed
3. Fix It Sticks T-Way Wrench-a permanently adhered T shape for shop/garage use, replaces hundreds of dollars of tools with just a few bits



About Fix It Sticks

I created Fix It Sticks after being frustrated that my 3-way wrench doesn't travel well and every multi tool is really pretty terrible to actually use. What if a tool could be both a pleasure to use AND be portable?

The real value of Fix It Sticks is the ability to buy 1 set of tools to use at home and the same set excels for use on the road. No more compromising!
Order our patent pending, Made in the USA bike tools today and enjoy immediate FREE SHIPPING in the USA.
International orders are available for a modest shipping fee.
All sets now ship with a recycled tube carrying case also made in the USA!

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The best reviewed bicycle tools available to cyclists and snowboarders. Fix It Sticks tools work like a 3 way, but travel like a multitool